Adventures at Home with Mum is moving to Creative educational Play

Hey there, Hello Lovely Readers. Long time since I have written anything but I have some awesome news that I know you will love. I just wanted to fill you in on what I have been up to lately. I have had a long blogging break as some may have noticed, I continued studying my Post-Graduate in Psychology, started Managing my Husbands Company more and invested in a new farm running Black Angus Cattle.  Dimples is now 7 and Little Miss is 3.

But the Best thing is that I had a long break from Social media and now I am back, refreshed and have started a new website.

I would love you all to join me at Creative Educational Play Australia. I am hoping to continue on our Adventures over on that website but in a much more focused way. I will be striving for quality, not quantity. I would love to inspire parents, grandparents and educators to be creative and playful with their children. Mainly though,  I hope to develop a supportive community of like-minded soles who will join me & others on this journey.

I still have the same Pinterest here, But a new Facebook Page Here . So update your Facebook "like" and keep updated with the new Adventures.

You can read more about my new focus by following this link .

I would like to Welcome you to my new Page and I really hope you continue to follow our adventures by joining me there and on Social media again. I would love to have people commenting, sharing, reading and interacting with fellow readers & myself, sharing related early childhood inspiration, opinions and ideas so that we all can grow on this adventure together.

Happy Adventures & I will See you there xx

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